Numeracy Training in South Africa

Numerical skills are important in any workplace, but the low level of numeric understanding displayed by the workforce, especially in smaller businesses is reason for concern. Workers cannot progress without having mastered the basic mathematical skills. It has become imperative for businesses to take an active role through basic numeracy training to ensure a more productive and skilled workforce. It costs more to employ another person to perform certain functions because of the numeric illiteracy of the staff. By investing in numeracy training for their staff the businesses thus invest in their own future.


Workers for instance, in the petroleum industry and specifically garages need to be able to make simple calculations. More often than not there are other workers at the same retail outlet that are for instance, car washers that can progress to supervisory roles or fuel pump attendants once they have gone through basic numeracy training as provided by Triple e, thus ensuring a stable and productive workforce at the petrol retail outlet.