Numeracy training for the domestic worker

Even though you may not think that the domestic worker will benefit from numeracy training, the opposite is true. You will also benefit when your domestic worker becomes skilled in day to day Mathematics through numeracy training. Take for instance, the calculation of the correct measurement of detergent to use or making measurements when baking. … Read more

Numeracy training for a stronger workforce

South Africa is on the right path with more than 1.6 million adult learners who have enrolled in Public Learner Centres in South Africa between 1999 and 2003. The learners underwent various training programs such as numeracy training, adult literacy, English language skills, communication, life orientantion skills, and more. A full 22% of the adult … Read more

Mathematics training is essential as part of literacy education

Today more than ever before, people without adequate mathematics training suffer economically as well as socially. The global economical crisis has led to large scale unemployment and being in a country with millions of illiterate or only partially literate people, means that if someone does not have the basic or even advanced mathematics skills , … Read more

Numeracy Training in South Africa

Numerical skills are important in any workplace, but the low level of numeric understanding displayed by the workforce, especially in smaller businesses is reason for concern. Workers cannot progress without having mastered the basic mathematical skills. It has become imperative for businesses to take an active role through basic numeracy training to ensure a more … Read more