Numeracy training for a stronger workforce

South Africa is on the right path with more than 1.6 million adult learners who have enrolled in Public Learner Centres in South Africa between 1999 and 2003. The learners underwent various training programs such as numeracy training, adult literacy, English language skills, communication, life orientantion skills, and more. A full 22% of the adult learners had no previous education. More and more companies are now enrolling their employees in numeracy training to improve their competency levels and thereby ensure a more productive and useful workforce. In addition to building maths skills through numeracy training, the employees get a confidence boost and are more motivated to progress in their careers when they have some form of qualification. This means a more stable workforce which will be an asset to your company. If you have not yet done so, join other companies in building your workforce skills through adult education programs as available from Triple e including the numeracy training.
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