Numeracy Training

Improve Your Employees Efficiency With Basic Numeracy Training There are many individuals who have not received a full education and this means that they lack and suffer in the numbers department. It is a common known fact that numeracy skills are required daily in order to work. Most jobs will require an individual to count, add, subtract and so on. If you have staff members who lack basic numeracy training then Triple E Training has just the solution for you. We offer a variety of basic courses designed to assist the individual to improve on their numeracy skills and make them more secure in the work place. Numeracy training offered by Triple E Training carries a 99% pass rate which is indicative of our course effectiveness and overall interest of our students. We ensure that our course content is current, relevant and of course of interest to the learner. No learner will be presented with a module that is too difficult to understand and our tutors will assist those who need help every step of the way. What’s more is that our tutors are qualified and experienced and also assessed regularly to ensure that you are receiving the best education possible at all times. Students will be tested on their learnt work and certificates awarded to those who pass and do well. Literacy Training To Get Ahead In the Work Place In the same vein, literacy training is just as important as numeracy training. Those who want to excel in the work place will need to work their way up, but without being able to read or write, this can become an insurmountable task. ABET courses offered by us at Triple E Training are focused on teaching individuals the basics of reading, writing, communicating and so on. Of course each student will need to be assessed to ascertain on what level of education they are. It is essential to choose a course on the right level for the student or they will find that they are unable to follow, keep up with the class and will ultimately fail. In order to choose a course that is perfectly suited to your employee’s competency levels, chat to one of our friendly consultants about arranging an assessment. Literacy training can help one to understand better in the work place and also to feel empowered. Providing an individual with the opportunity to better themselves and their current life position is probably the single best thing an employer can arrange for an employee. Literacy and numeracy training at Triple E Training is something to be enjoyed. Each and every learner to pass through our care is guaranteed to have a good time learning their new skills and looking forward to their new life and better efficiency in the work place. We believe that growth can be quite successfully achieved through development and that those who wish to get ahead should always be looking to improve on their skills and further their education and knowledge. Chat to one of our competent staff members about your education and training needs and requirements including our numeracy training – we will ensure that you are assisted every step of the way.
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