Numeracy Training

Improve Your Employees Efficiency With Basic Numeracy Training There are many individuals who have not received a full education and this means that they lack and suffer in the numbers department. It is a common known fact that numeracy skills are required daily in order to work. Most jobs will require an individual to count, … Read more

ABET literacy training for adults

The ABET literacy training for adults have four levels. Starting at NQF1 and ending at NQF4 the ABET literacy training has as aim the provision of education to empower people to gain knowledge, understanding and valuable literacy skills in the specific language. There is a difference in ABET literacy training for adults and school education. … Read more

Literacy training basics

The literacy training basics entail aspects such as effective communication, writing, reading, and applying the skills obtained through literacy training in the workplace. A staggering number of people in South Africa cannot read or write at all. This places them at a severe disadvantage. Through short but effective literacy training courses, we empower people to … Read more

What is adult literacy training and how does it differ from that offered to school children?

Adult literacy training entails Level 1 to 4 of the ABET program which has aim to provide adult learners the skills they require to read, write, understand, and communicate effectively in a particular language. The main difference between adult literacy training and school literacy training lies in the way that the classes are presented. Since … Read more

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