The importance of ABET

ABET stands for Adult Basic Education and Training and is aimed at providing uneducated South Africans with the skills necessary to enhance their quality of life. ABET learning begins at the grade 1 level and continues through to grade 12 with matric certification at the end of the course. The course is accelerated but is … Read more

Learn Basic Maths Skills

You need to learn basic maths skills to perform the most basic tasks in society. Without the ability to read numbers you cannot know what items cost and whether you have the right amount of money to make a purchase. Being able to add and subtract will ensure that you always receive the right change … Read more

Adult Writing Classes

You can use adult writing classes to learn to read or to improve on your current writing skills. Having a good vocabulary helps a person express themselves better so that they are better understood. A good vocabulary comes from reading a number of books that will give you better use of the English language. To … Read more

Teaching Basic Writing Skills

Once people are able read a language, teaching basic writing skills is the next step in the process of achieving literacy. Most of us were taught to read and write in grade one. However, many people did not have access to a school or any education under the Apartheid government. This has left us with … Read more

Basic Training for your Company

Is your company registered with the appropriate SETA and are you fulfilling their requirements regarding skills training within the workplace? You can offer your staff members basic training through an Adult Basic Education and Training Course and begin doing your bit to ensure that South Africa has a literate and skilled work force. An Abet … Read more

Abet Orientated Short Courses for Work Skills

Abet orientated short courses are aimed towards training individuals practically to enable them to succeed in a job environment. These include adult basic education and training courses such as basic maths and literacy skills. Once an individual has completed the most basic courses he or she can move on to achieving skills in business communication … Read more