Keeping up the good work

Big business in South Africa has committed itself to the principles of adult basic education and training. This commitment has had a concrete effect with many adults who had been denied a quality education under the Apartheid system now having at least a basic working knowledge of both the written word and mathematics. These basic … Read more


If South Africa is to take its place in the family of nations and contribute on a global scale to the elimination of poverty, as well as address the social and economic needs of its own citizens then it quite simply must address the problem of illiteracy in this country. One of the most important … Read more

Is increased spending enough?

It has become apparent that although government has vastly increased spending on education since South Africa’s first democratic election that the legacy of the Apartheid education system will not be easy to correct. Due to Bantu education South Africa has a generation which has an extremely high illiteracy rate, one of the highest in the … Read more

ABET helps people cope with a fast paced world

Dedicated educators and a professional approach to education are changing the lives of young people across South Africa, however we still have a long way to go. Although new generations of learners will have more opportunities than their parents had we still need to deal with the problems of illiteracy amongst the older generation. Adult … Read more