How ABET can improve your writing

They say that every body has a book inside them and a story to tell but you need the right writing skills to be able to get your message across and make yourself understood. You can improve your writing skills by simply reading books and materials written by literary geniuses and other great writers. There … Read more

Improve your grammer

Grammar is about learning to speak and write correctly. It begins with the pronunciation of words and then moves to where these words need to be placed in a sentence. Correct spelling is of utmost importance in getting your grammar right. It is also important to learn how to punctuate sentences correctly if you want … Read more

Improve Your Writing Skills

Everybody has a writer somewhere inside them. But it takes knowledge of the English language to ensure that you get the grammar, spelling and text correct. This may necessitate the study of a course that can help you improve your writing skills. Improving your writing skills will also open up a variety of options to … Read more

Improve Your English

Most employment in South Africa requires that you have a good command of the English language. English is the language that is used in conducting business around the world and a person who cannot speak English is at a disadvantage. However, just reading the language may not be enough to secure you a position in … Read more