Improve Your English

Most employment in South Africa requires that you have a good command of the English language. English is the language that is used in conducting business around the world and a person who cannot speak English is at a disadvantage. However, just reading the language may not be enough to secure you a position in … Read more

Tourism and Hospitality in South Africa

The Abet-Theta programme was launched to provide employees in the tourism and hospitality sector with improved skills to better enable them to provide services within the industry. The project offers grants to any employer that offers this specific adult basic training and education course to their employees and is aimed at improving communication skills in … Read more

Basic Education for South Africa

There are far too many people in South Africa who do not have basic education skills such as reading or writing. These people also normally do not have the means to improve their status as they do not have access to education facilities or do not have the available funds to pay for education. It … Read more

The numbers don’t lie

The numbers of Adult Basic Education and Training centres in South Africa are expanding at a rapid rate. This is due not only to the high amount of illiterate or uneducated people in South Africa but also to the growing realisation of how important education is by individuals and big business alike. It is imperative … Read more

A second chance through ABET

With disastrous decline in the matric pass rate, education must become the focus of all South Africans. Many children do not take education seriously because their parents are uneducated and cannot pass on the importance of education to their children. It is thus important that big business become involved in Adult Basic Education and Training … Read more

Lend a helping hand

Are you interested in helping people to achieve the best that they can in life? Consider becoming a qualified Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) facilitator. The ABET course is an accelerated learning programme that is offered to any person who has little to no education or has not achieved the matric certification. The programme … Read more

The lost generation

There are over 3 million people in South Africa who do not have basic education and are illiterate. The Adult Basic Education and Training programme was established to assist such individuals in learning to read and write and achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills. Our entire society is based on the ability to read and … Read more

Changing the face of SA

ABET is changing the face of South Africa. Business everywhere is retaining the services of ABET accredited service providers and workers across the country are enrolling in ABET courses in greater numbers than ever before. The popularity of ABET courses are due in part to the fact that they offer business a flexible manner to … Read more

Literacy is key

If South Africa is to be successful on the world stage then it is essential that the country has an educated workforce. Without this it will always remain a mix between a first world country and a third world country. It will remain uncompetitive and eventually be overtaken by other developing nations. The cooperation between … Read more

Starting off with ABET fundamentals

The advancement of staff in terms of education or in terms of fighting illiteracy has a positive effect on staff morale and has been shown in numerous studies to increase staff loyalty. Nowhere is this more true than when staff are exposed to training in ABET fundamentals. This foundation phase of ABET training will give … Read more

Changing Lives Together