ABET and Africa

Successes in the field of education have been few and far between in the last decade in South Africa, however one of the bright lights has been the cooperation between government and business in the field of adult basic education and training. Big business and government are achieving success after success in rolling out ABET … Read more

The ABET success story

ABET is one of the success stories of further education and training in South Africa. Business has committed itself, in cooperation with government to a better, more educated workforce. Adult basic education and training programs are being aggressively rolled out at business premises across the country, and business is realising that an educated workforce is … Read more

Education and training is the key to success

Education and training are two of the most vital components for the success of every nation. If these components are lacking then the country will in all likelihood fall into a trap of poverty and bad governance. One merely has to look at the failed states of Africa to see the effects of disenfranchisement through … Read more

destination reached – ABET level 4

ABET level 4 is the equivalent of standard 5 or grade seven and by this point in the students path through the various ABET levels he or she is able to cope with complex mathematical tasks and ready to take part in training that could eventually result in sufficient education to be considered for a … Read more

On the road to success – ABET level 2

ABET level 2 is the equivalent of grade 5 and at this level the learner is beginning to grasp abstract concepts relating to mathematics and understanding more subtle nuances when reading and writing. Once the learner has reached this level then they can be said to be functionally literate and can probably function normally in … Read more

An educated workforce for the 21st century

South Africa today relies less and less on unskilled labour and more on an educated workforce. Even in industries where education was traditionally a secondary concern, especially under the Apartheid government (like mining) it has been realised that a workforce that has basic levels of numeracy and literacy performs far better than one which is … Read more

Changing Lives Together