Tate & Lyle Communication’s Good Participation in ABET Classroom

In its first few weeks of existence, the Tate & Lyle Communication class is showing some good vibrations in terms of commitment to attendance and good participation in ABET classroom. All the learners appearing on the photographs, had their “chores” going on. Luckily on the day of visit, there was a presentation done, and this was where Poloko Letsie in Communication Level 2 (pictured standing) was selling a cellular phone to his fellow learners. It went so well and was more impressive when the “potential buyers” started asking him questions about the product he was selling. Poloko’s communication skills were, judging from his placement level, better. Upon interviewing him as how Adult Education and Training has helped with communication, he replied by saying that, since he is talkative by nature, the programme has helped build confidence. His sentence construction is better than before and has more words to use. The second candidate, Thembisa Zenzile, in Communication Level 1 , lady pictured with goggles on, who still faces challenges when expressing herself in English, believes that practice makes perfect. She will continue to speak and write in the language until she becomes more fluent and have more courage in speaking without much supervision. Triple E Training through our Facilitator, Stephen Washaya is the way to her success. Learners grouped in this photograph from left to right are named as follows: Back row: T Zenzile and O.V Mokakale both in Communication Level 1 Front Row: S. Washaya (facilitator), SK Letsie CL1 B, P.S Letsie (CL2) and M. Mmola (CL1B). In conclusion, everything went well.[dt_slideshow width=”750″ height=”560″ posts=”tate-lyle”]
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