Understanding English in the workplace

Understanding English for day to day living and communication is essential, but workers also need lessons for understanding English in the workplace. The most basic skills of English writing, reading, speaking and understanding should be taught first, but all the skills acquired will have limited use if the worker cannot communicate effectively at work. As such Triple E provides courses for understanding English that include terms used in the workplace. It can for instance include financial terms, construction terminology, scientific terms, agricultural terminology, business writing and more. These courses can be presented at the client premise for groups to improve their knowledge of English as a second or third language to the level where they can function optimally. An assessment will be done to identify core skills required and to identify the level at which the worker understands the language. The worker will be met at his or her level. Understanding English in the workplace and in the normal course of life will empower the worker and ensure optimal functioning in society.

Changing Lives Together