Increased safety and security effectiveness

The Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASETA) would like to decrease the amount of illiterate employees in the industry by offering them an opportunity to receive Adult Basic Education and Training. SASETA provides funding for employees and employers who are interested in rolling out this education programme in their companies. This funding … Read more

The minings qualification authority and training

Many South Africans lack the skills to enable them to improve their level of education. The Mining Qualifications Authority and MERSETA endeavour to change the lives of these people by providing them with basic education that will give them skills to allow them access to further education and self development. Employers within the industry can … Read more

Increase effectiveness through insurance training

Part of the plan for educating adult illiterate South Africans is to provide them with life skills training. Life skills enable a person to function optimally in society and have access to benefits form integral institutions that can improve a persons’ lifestyle. This includes teaching people about things like banking and medical aid as well … Read more

Financial and Accounting training to improve skills levels

Due to the nature of the financial and accounting sector, less than 3% of the workforce does not have basic education. It is however important to improve this figure and provide basic education and training to these employees. FASSET, the Sector Education and Training Authority for the financial and accounting sector, encourages employers to implement … Read more

Understanding Personal Finance

It is imperative that every South African is in control of their personal finance. However, over 3 million people in the country are illiterate and therefore do not have the means or education to be able to achieve this. Many people become over indebted as a result which negatively affects the economy of the country. … Read more

How to Operate a Personal Computer

In a day and age where technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, it is imperative that every capable person learns how to operate a personal computer. A person can learn the basics of how a computer functions and how to employ these functions to their personal lives to improve the quality of there existence. … Read more

Understanding Algebra for Better Data Processing

The adult basic education and training programme in South Africa can offer your employees many benefits including understanding algebra. These skills can assist your workers in performing basic maths equations in the workplace that may improve their performance within completing the tasks that they have been employed to do. It will also help them employ … Read more

The Department of Education is Addressing SA’s Needs

There are over 3.3 million South African adults who are unable to read or write. With the role out of the Adult Basic Education and Training programme throughout the country, the Department of Education has put its’ backing behind learning centres that are being housed in community centres. It also launched the South African National … Read more