Using accredited training providers is important for your company’s skills development compliance

Skills Development Compliance

Accreditation is granted to a private service provider at the end of a quality assurance process that attests to the quality of training services offered.

Why use accredited training providers?

There are several good reasons that your company should partner with an accredited training service provider for all its skills development requirements. Some of them include:
  • It is one of the qualification criteria for SETA grants and SARS tax rebates
  • You can be assured that the quality of training is of high standard
  • You can be assured the courses offered are SETA approved
  • When completing your BEE scorecard, you can claim points against your training expenditure
  • Certain categories in the LPM requires training by an accredited service provider
  • Qualifications obtained from an accredited service provider is a recognised qualification

Our SETA accredited training courses

At Triple E Training we offer a wide variety of SETA accredited training courses. Over the past 27 years the most popular courses include:
Learnership qualifications; and Foundational Learning Competence (FLC)
Learnership qualifications have various benefits for your company. It provides basic qualifications for employees and results in skilled, experienced workers who will need less supervision. Our most popular learnership programmes are our Business Practice Qualification, Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities Qualification and ABET Practice Qualification.
FLC refers to the competencies needed by employees to deal successfully with occupational learning at NQF levels 2 to 4.
These are not the only SETA accredited courses we offer. Contact one of our representatives for a full list of our training programmes.

Why choose us as your accredit training provider?

Because we are a B-BBEE Level 1 service provider your company will benefit within the preferential procurement element of the BEE scorecard. Depending on the training programme you choose, your company may also benefit in the BEE scorecard elements of skills development, socio-economic development, and enterprise development.
Please consult with your BEE verification agency to find out which elements will benefit you the most, as they differ for each training programme.

Contact us

To find out more about our SETA accredited training programmes call call 011 668 4300 or send an email to
For a list of accredited training providers please contact your relevant SETA.
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