Addressing the numerical literacy levels

Triple e recognizes the importance of numerical literacy. As with English or any other subject there will be different numeral literacy levels. This means that not all learners will be able to start at the same level of numerical literacy. Pre-screening and assessments are vital to ensure that the learner will be met at the numerical literacy level where he or she is. If not done in this way, many hours of teaching will be wasted since the learner will either be bored because he or she already understands the principles or will not follow at all because they have not been taught at their numerical literacy level from the start. There are various numerical literacy levels in the ABET program starting at the most basic of counting and subtraction and number recognition and progressing to more advanced levels such as fractions, algebra, measurements, and more. This means that the learner can further progress in areas where more advanced mathematical skills are a requirement.


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