Basic numeracy course

Plus and minus or multiplication and division are often areas of numeracy which are taken for granted. Imagine the frustration of having to use your fingers to count money, products or even try to measure. This is part of life for many South Africans. Apart from basic English skills, basic numeracy skills are essential for survival in today’s business and money orientated society. The basic numeracy course presented by Triple e entails the teaching of numbers, how to count and subtract, how to make simple measurements, understanding decimal places, fractions, multiplication, and division.


It also entails working with small and large amounts or numbers. The idea of the basic numeracy course is to empower employees to be able to function optimally in the work environment. A domestic worker for one, who doesn’t have even basic numeric skills will not be able function optimally, as she has to be able to understand time, measurements and know how many objects or items to wash or purchase. This is just one example, but every employer will benefit if their employees have the basic numeric skills. As such it is recommended that you get in contact with us to enroll your employee in the basic numeracy course.

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