Masonite Forestry Enrich and Empower our Forestry Employees

AET (Adult Education Training) Kicks off at Masonite Forestry! Masonite Africa Ltd has awarded Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd to Educate, Enrich and Empower our forestry employees. A total of 44 learners will be placed on this training programme, from a pre-Abet level to Abet Level 4, respectively. Greytown will have 10 learners, while … Read more

Basic Numeracy

Basic numeracy begins with teaching a person what a number depicts and how to count. Once a person knows the name of a number and is able to place them in the correct numerical order, they can begin to learn how to recognise numbers. After this, an individual can begin making basic sums such as … Read more

Improve Numerical Literacy

The word mathematics sends fear into the hearts of many a student and learner. But having basic numeracy skills such as the ability to add and subtract as well as multiply and divide is necessary for a person function optimally in society. Many South Africans do not have these skills and it is important that … Read more

Assessment is the key to success

The first step in finding the right facilitator or trainer to assist your work force in attaining skills in literacy and numeracy is to have them assessed. An assessment will provide the facilitator with the information they will need to know where to start addressing the education issues. If most of your employees are entirely … Read more

Literacy and numeracy a must

ABET level 3 is aimed at refining the literacy and numeracy skills of those learners who have a reasonable grasp of the basic application of reading and mathematics. This basic understanding should include the ability to critically apply the skills obtained during the course of training in ABET levels 1 and 2. The program incorporates … Read more

Workforce literacy a ‘must have’

South Africa is a land of diverse cultures and many languages, however the challenges faced by many of its citizens are the same; how to make a living in economically depressed times. This is made even more challenging by the fact that the majority of South Africa’s workforce was educated under the Apartheid educational system … Read more

Learn Numeracy Skills

The conventional wisdom equates “literacy” with fundamentals of reading and writing, and it equates “numeracy” with basics of mathematics. Literacy, however, advances well beyond the basics to public speaking and conversation, figuration, and sophisticated inference. When adults learn numeracy skills, they similarly move well beyond the basics, developing sophisticated skills that help them advance in … Read more

Advance at Work by Learning Numeracy Skills

Learning numeracy skills prepares South African workers ultimately to manage production and learn the basics of finance. Learning numeracy skills begins with the essentials – reading and understanding the meanings and properties of numbers – and it advances in regular, logical steps through counting, grouping, and recognizing patterns in numbers. Adults challenged with learning numeracy … Read more

Numeracy: As Essential as Literacy

Absolutely as essential as the command of languages, numeracy supports advancement in the workplace while promoting advancement in society. In its simplest form, numeracy requires command of numbers, their values, the relationships among them, and how to manipulate them. Naturally, numeracy begins with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but it advances to relationships among numbers. … Read more

Math Training Essential to Workplace Advancement

Without adequate math training, workers cannot advance. In order to take on more responsibility for production, sales, customer service, or operations, every employee in every business must take initiative to get proper math training. The basics of arithmetic lay the foundations for more advanced problem-solving and most effective math training begins with comprehensive review of … Read more