English education should form the basis of any learning

Children in South Africa have ample opportunity to get an English education. With their minds still growing they can comprehend the often difficult to master language rules. They are exposed to English in the school environment and through the media. The same unfortunately doesn’t apply to adults.


Even with the language been spoken around them, many adults never had an English education, making it difficult to learn even the basics of the language. As such they will also not be able to enroll in advanced courses which are all based in English. The first step towards advancement is thus English education. Triple e provides basic English classes to help the learner understand the language. From there the learner can attend the various ABET levels for a full English education which will bring them on the same level as the children who have daily exposure to the language. English education is vital for any future education as technical colleges and universities present most of their classes in English. The first step to an education should thus be English education.

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