Adult English Classes

Adult English classes endeavour to teach South Africans with no English skills how to communicate using the English language. The training focuses on speaking the language as well as developing reading and writing skills. Correct pronunciation and grammar is a key focus. Spelling and punctuation is taught at the writing level. Any person from any … Read more

Basic English Course

Taking a Basic English course can open a whole new world to you. The ability to read and write in English will enable you to further you education in other ways. Most education institutions teach in English and have work books and study materials that are written in English. The more education you have and … Read more

Improve Your English

Most employment in South Africa requires that you have a good command of the English language. English is the language that is used in conducting business around the world and a person who cannot speak English is at a disadvantage. However, just reading the language may not be enough to secure you a position in … Read more

English classes for adults in the workplace

Triple e provides well structured English classes for adults in the workplace. Every class is structured to meet the specific learning needs of the attendees and upon completion of the specific levels the attendees will do either an assessment or a POE. Once they have passed the level they receive their NQF for that level. … Read more

What affects the ability to learn English?

Not everyone can learn English quickly. Certain factors should be taken into consideration when setting up programs to help people learn English. We consider that native language of the learner. Since some languages are closer to the roots of English than others, we also assess the native language of the learner. Apart from that, you … Read more

Zulu language courses at the workplace

Apart from other African languages such as Tswana and Sotho Triple e also provides Zulu language courses at the workplace. The focus of the Zulu language courses is to provide Afrikaans and English speaking workers the conversational skills they need to communicate effectively with colleagues at the workplace. The Zulu language courses include from the … Read more

Learn English for the workplace

Help your workers to learn English for the workplace by enrolling them in the Basic English courses presented through Triple e. We provide the courses to help attendees learn English for the workplace entailing oral and written communication. The ABET courses are presented at the premises of the employer at a pre-arranged time schedule that … Read more

MQA: Stewards of South Africa ’s Precious Minerals

South Africa controls the majority of the world’s mineral wealth—90% of its platinum, 80% of its manganese, and half of its gold. The nation’s legendary diamond mines rank fourth among the world’s producers. Mining has always driven the South African economy and mineral exports are crucial to the country’s sustained economic growth. More than 450 … Read more

English Communication: The Currency of South African Culture and Commerce

The South African workforce arguably stands out as the world’s most ethnically diverse. The success of South Africa’s bold experiment in multi-cultural democracy depends, in large measure, on its success in developing common values, norms, and expectations among various elements in the workforce. Although South Africa wisely has adopted eleven “official” languages, sociologists emphasize the … Read more

Master Everyday English in Basic English Adult Classes

Because students readily learn to read and write when they have opportunities to use their new language skills in their work, basic adult English classes focus first on conversational workplace conversations. Working with corporate associates, professional educators and trainers who specialize in Basic English adult classes, develop curriculum according to everyday situations in the job … Read more

Changing Lives Together