English Adult Classes from Basic to Boardroom

Research with rising users of English proves what common sense always suggested – When students learn English “in a meaningful context,” they learn more quickly and they retain what they learn. English adult classes, which develop students reading and writing skills in the context of their everyday work, show far greater growth and retention than … Read more

South Africans Must Learn to Read

Even as South Africa has become more sensitive to the value of cultural diversity, the importance of English language literacy has increased. More than ever, experts emphasize in order to participate in South African culture and commerce, people must learn to read. As in all post modern industrialized nations, television has become the primary tool … Read more

The Dangers of Illiteracy

Although the media have not explored the topic, economists frequently tie South African economic stagnation to adult illiteracy among the country’s disadvantaged groups. Continuing illiteracy among South Africa’s minorities threatens the nation’s continued economic development because it depends on people’s command of language. Although South Africa boasts a high literacy rate, which is one of … Read more

English Literacy Drives Growth

Especially in a depressed world economy, increasing South African workers’ productivity becomes more urgent. In general, increases in productivity depend upon advances in workers’ English literacy. Sophisticated job training, the key to increased productivity and profit, certainly depends upon sophisticated English literacy. As more large multi-national corporations train their workers with online curricula, South African … Read more

Adult Education Improves Workers’ Quality of Life

History very clearly shows, in all the world’s industrialized nations as workers become better educated, they enjoy upward social mobility. Education always has been the tool for rising above poverty, disease, and misery. A family’s value for continuing education inspires the children to continue in school all the way through university. As each generation of … Read more

Zulu Classes for Managers and Leaders

In the southwestern United States, where managers speak English and workers frequently speak only Spanish, managers gain workers’ trust and loyalty when they become fluent in Spanish. In Quebec, Canada, where leaders speak English and workers typically speak French, leaders gain their employees’ respect and teams become more productive when leaders learn French. In South … Read more

Learn English Writing

When two equally intelligent, experienced, reliable employees compete for the same position, gaining power, reputation, and a higher salary, the one who has taken initiative to learn English writing probably will win the promotion. Many business leaders readily admit that originality and initiative help workers advance, but the ability to express ideas clearly in English … Read more

Tswana Classes Benefit Business Leaders

Dedicated professionals recognize the benefits of continuing education. Advanced classes build their knowledge of strategies, tactics, and innovations giving them competitive advantage over their peers. In addition to professional growth classes, forward thinking business leaders ought to consider enrolling in Tswana classes. One of South Africa’s most prominent languages, and considerably easier to learn than … Read more

Learn Tswana for the workplace

Tswana, one of South Africa’s eleven official languages, is a language written in a Latin alphabet. Native speakers of English find it easier to learn Tswana than other African tongues because they already understand the letters and sounds. “Cognates,” easily recognizable words imported into Tswana from English, French, German, and Dutch, also make it easier … Read more

English literacy levels in South Africa

The latest reports indicate that the English literacy levels in South Africa are still not up to par. This does not just hold true for adults, but also for schools. The problem is that more adult basic education programs may be needed in future as employers are concerned about the entrants into the job market … Read more

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