HIV infection prevention training at work

Even though it may seem unlikely that you or one of your employees may get infected with the virus, HIV infection prevention training at work may very well save a person’s life. As such Triple-e provide AIDS awareness as part of life skills training and offers HIV infection prevention training as part of our more comprehensive AIDS education programs. Any person at work that needs to provide first aid to another person should be aware of the possibility of an HIV infection. As such any cuts or bruises should be covered with waterproof plasters and the person should wear latex gloves. If contact is made with blood directly, the area should immediately be washed with hot soapy water. If there are no gloves available, the person can wear plastic bags over the hands and tie them to the wrists with elastic bands. Soiled fabrics must be boiled for at least twenty minutes and then sun dried as well as ironed. The above are just a few of the HIV infection prevention training aspects that companies should be aware off. There are many more factors to consider and which are dealt with in our AIDS awareness life skills training.
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