Why companies should have HIV awareness training at work

HIV/AIDS is not a disease that can be separated from the work area. Workers spend most of their days at work and interact with people at work. HIV awareness training at work is important because it helps to clear up misunderstandings about the disease and prevents discrimination against co-workers who have contracted HIV/AIDS. It also … Read more

Basic Education of Adults

The basic education of Adults is a priority in this country. We cannot wait until a new generation comes into the workplace with all the required skills. In fact many learners come out of the school system unable to read, write or calculate. The first big boost for basic education of adults came in 2000 … Read more

HIV training in the workplace to ensure a safer workplace

With the risk of infection always present in the workplace especially at health care centres, it is essential to have an HIV training program in place. The HIV training program should address issues such as the transmission of the disease, preventative measures, how to live with HIV, and how to handle infection. The HIV training … Read more

HIV awareness

Public health officials estimate one in four adult South Africans realistically can claim “comprehensive HIV awareness.” Only a quarter of South Africans have working knowledge of how the disease affects the body, how it spreads, how to recognize its symptoms, and what to do in case of exposure. Comprehensive HIV awareness includes the ability to … Read more

Educators and Public Health Officials Must Promote AIDS Awareness

Among South African adults, the rate of HIV cases advancing to AIDS has stabilized since 2005; among young adults, the rate actually has declined as AIDS clinics dramatically have increased access to effective treatments. Although public health officials recognize a few encouraging signs; nonetheless, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to ravage South Africa and all of … Read more

HIV awareness training can prevent unnecessary costs to the company

Although it may seem harsh to consider the financial implications of HIV infection at work, employers should note that workers are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained at work. Rather than risking infection, companies should invest in HIV awareness training as provided by Triple-e. Accidents do happen and although we may take every precaution to … Read more

HIV and Aids Awareness Campaign

The first step to a better workplace and improved community awareness is to develop an HIV and Aids Awareness Campaign in the workplace which addresses the main areas such as open communication, understanding of how it is transmitted, and how to prevent transmission. The HIV and Aids Awareness Campaign should include condom distribution, wellness programs … Read more