Introduction to ABET Moderators

ABET moderators perform basically the same functions as for instance, an exam moderator. An exam moderator will assess whether an exam paper was set according to industry standard and within the specified range of learning. In addition the mark allocation as well as time allowed, the speed that the student would have to write or type to complete the paper, and then also memo for the paper will be assessed. The same holds true for ABET moderators that see to it that the standard of education is correct, that institutions teach the students according to the curriculum, that specific regulations are adhered to, and that exam papers, learning materials, presentation methods, and marking are all within the industry agreed guidelines and followed by the course leaders. ABET moderators are thus essential to ensure fairness in exam papers, marking, and dealing with students, while also ensuring that the industry standards and regulations are applied by a training institution for accreditation.

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