AET Level 4 vs NQF 4. What is the difference?

What is the difference? What exactly is the difference between AET Level 4 and NQF Level 4? Quite simply that AET 4 is equivalent to a Grade 9 while NQF 4 is equivalent to Grade 12. There is a further 3 levels of study required from AET 4 (NQF 2) to reach NQF. For adults … Read more

Masonite Forestry Enrich and Empower our Forestry Employees

AET (Adult Education Training) Kicks off at Masonite Forestry! Masonite Africa Ltd has awarded Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd to Educate, Enrich and Empower our forestry employees. A total of 44 learners will be placed on this training programme, from a pre-Abet level to Abet Level 4, respectively. Greytown will have 10 learners, while … Read more

ABET Training

ABET Training For Those Who Want To Better Themselves ABET or Adult Basic Education and Training as it stands for certainly has its place in our society. Too many individuals are victims of their past circumstance or bad decisions in their lives and as a result are uneducated and unable to obtain a job where … Read more

Professional ABET Courses

Invest In Your Staff And Company With Professional ABET Courses Investing in your own or your staff’s education is always worthwhile. At Triple E Training one of our many specialties are adult basic education training courses, or professional ABET courses for short. We believe that your workforce is your company’s greatest and most valuable asset, … Read more

ABET Courses

ABET Courses Transform And Empower The legacies of the past have left South Africa with the need to address some serious educational deficits. Government policies condemned vast numbers of learners to incomplete or makeshift tuition that led to high levels of adult illiteracy and limited maths ability. , for more details of all available ABET … Read more

How to use ABET recruitment tools

Without the assistance of volunteers to act as facilitators in the Adult Basic Education and Training programme, the project would be a resounding failure. Volunteers are required on an ongoing basis around the country to work from learning centres or provide services at business premises. Candidates require matric certification or some other form of higher … Read more

How ABET can improve your writing

They say that every body has a book inside them and a story to tell but you need the right writing skills to be able to get your message across and make yourself understood. You can improve your writing skills by simply reading books and materials written by literary geniuses and other great writers. There … Read more

How to improve your communication with ABET

Effective communication is important in the growth and development of any business. Business communication in South Africa comes with its own unique complexities as the different languages and cultures in the country must be taken into consideration. You can improve your communication skills as well as those of your employee by offering a basic communication … Read more

How to improve reading

Although it is imperative to provide a means of educating illiterate people in South Africa, it is also important to improve reading skills. A higher level of reading and understanding literacy materials is necessary for individuals to access further development and higher learning facilities. Further education and training facilities will not accept learners or students … Read more

What is the most important financial lifeskill?

Life skills were never taught to students learning through the South African education system leaving many school leavers without the tools necessary to cope in the real world. Life skills training is now provided at a primary and secondary school level but does not address the millions of people who did not receive this education … Read more

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