Introduction to numeracy lessons

Numeracy lessons as presented by Triple e are aimed at adults. As such the numeracy lessons aim at addressing the basic counting skills of adults. Before the candidate starts with numeracy lessons, he or she is assessed to get an overview of the person’s skills level. The numeracy lessons are then presented to address the learner’s level.


Since mathematics cannot be comprehended before the basics are understood it is vital that the right foundation be set to ensure that the principles learned will be used throughout any future education in mathematics. It is also important that the numeracy lessons address skills required for everyday functioning and especially those required in the workplace. Through the numeracy lessons a person will be empowered to be able to for instance, count money and thus also to give correct change or make a deposit. In addition measurements and fractions are taught. All the numeracy lessons are outcomes based, meaning that practical application possibilities will be present for everything learned.


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