Learning to speak English

Learning to speak English fluently doesn’t have to be a lengthy course. Through the learning to speak English courses available at Triple e employees will be introduced to the basics of the English language. How to greet a person and return a greeting, the basic courtesy sentences, asking for directions, answering questions about where a person comes from, and more form part of the conversational skills. Since the employee also needs to communicate within a specific industry, the learning to speak English course also addresses the work tools, business language, and industry specific language through the learning to speak English course. Each attendant is assessed first to get a clear picture of his or her understanding of the language. In this way, the course can be structured to meet the learner at his or her level. Without a pre-screening you risk boring more advanced speakers whilst you also risk frustrating learners who have not yet mastered the basics. Small groups are accommodated and appropriate learning aids used to enhance the knowledge of the English language in a fun, creative, and productive way.

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