Masonite Forestry Enrich and Empower our Forestry Employees

AET (Adult Education Training) Kicks off at Masonite Forestry!

Masonite Africa Ltd has awarded Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd to Educate, Enrich and Empower our forestry employees. A total of 44 learners will be placed on this training programme, from a pre-Abet level to Abet Level 4, respectively. Greytown will have 10 learners, while Eston will have 20 learners and Ixopo plantation will have 14 learners. Abet Training is for employees who have come from previous disadvantaged communities and have never had the opportunity to properly learn to read, write and have any exposure to maths calculations. The AET learners have indicated that they are thrilled by this opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. The training will be of a high standard and the facilitators are skilled, passionate and committed to the challenges faced working in these rural areas. The Training and Development department challenges all forestry employees to build our AET learners morale, which will enhance customer service and will also help them socially to build a better future in South Africa. AET Classes will also be introduced at the Mill. Management and fellow employees wish all the AET Learners ALL THE BEST in their new training venture. Written and submitted by the Training and Development Staff at the Masonite Forestry Estcourt Mill.