ABET level 2

The ABET level 2 program further empowers the learner by taking the first steps toward a more abstract application of literacy and numeracy skills, for example within the literacy context the learner will begin to have a more critical understanding of a variety of text and within the numeracy context the learner will gain the … Read more

ABET level 1

The Adult Basic Education programs consist of a variety of modules which take into account the social and community context of the learner. The foundation of the ABET program is ABET level 1 which is the equivalent of grade 3. It provides the learner with speaking and listening skills, the ability to read and respond … Read more

Time spent on ABET well worth it

As Adult basic Education programs become more popular more and more employers are offering their employees the opportunity to take part in the programs. However even with the best will in the world employers must take into account the imperatives facing their business. They have to ensure that targets are met and that the business … Read more