How to choose the right service provider

The are many ABET service providers in South Africa, the challenge for any business that wants to retain the services of one is selecting from this large database the one provider that can supply services which best suit the individual company. Most Adult Basic Education and Training providers will hold classes at the business premises … Read more

ABET allows for better citizens

It is becoming clear that ABET service providers are changing the face of both South Africa’s business environment and social fabric. By providing learners with basic literacy and numeracy skills Adult Basic Education service providers are deepening and widening the skills pool and providing employers with a far greater resource of skilled workers than has … Read more

Basic skills are a must

The basic skills of reading, writing and being able to add, subtract and multiply are the cornerstones of participation in a world that is rapidly changing. Increasing urbanization and competition for employment mean that any person not in possession of these basic skills will be marginalized and able to perform only the most menial of … Read more