Placement assessments ensure training success

Placement assessments ensure training success. This is measured by the almost immediate positive impact that adult literacy training and adult numeracy training have on your business. Undertaken by a skilled and experienced accredited training provider, a placement assessment evaluates the English literacy and basic maths skills of your low skilled employees to determine the level … Read more

Mines and quarries meet Social Labour Plan commitments with help from Accredited training provider.

Human resource development is a key component of any mine or quarry’s social labour plan or “SLP”. Adult basic education and training or “ABET” is one of the methods with which companies in the resource extraction industry upskill their own employees and members of communities that are located within their operational footprint, and from where … Read more

Learning in Mother-tongue languages

Adult basic education and training or “ABET” set to play a greater role preparing matriculants for entry-level jobs Government is implementing plans to teach important technical subjects in mother-tongue languages, as opposed to English. English has been the formal language of learning for many years. However, government believes that this is one of the many … Read more

Worsening state of literacy and maths skills in SA – New report highlights.

The latest survey that measures the performance of our education system shows that there has been very little to no improvement in the quality of our basic education system over the years. In some instances, we have regressed due to the interruption that Covid-19 has had on the school system. Many South Africans will, therefore, … Read more

The evolution of the concept of literacy and numeracy over the years

The concept of literacy and numeracy has evolved over many years. We now have a greater understanding of these basic skills that people need to contribute meaningfully towards the development of societies. People who do not understand basic maths and who are unable to read and write, or do not possess analytical abilities cannot function … Read more

Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community

a Prize giving took place on 5 November 2013 in Plettenberg Bay. This is a community project running since 2007, Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community including semi literate, illiterate, adult unemployed, members of the community. This is a joined force between Komatsu S.A, DenRon and Triple e Training. All three … Read more

Education and training in the beverages manufacturing industry

Employees in the beverages manufacturing industry who do not have basic skills such as reading and writing may be in need of some education and training. A person who is able to read and write is better able to function within a manufacturing environment. Health and safety regulations within the manufacturing process will be better … Read more

Energy sector education and training vital for the future

The Department of Minerals and Energy have established the Energy Sector Education and Training Authority (ESETA) to take care of the requirements of undereducated employees within these industries. Due to the lack of skills required from blue collar workers in this sector, many employees do not have the most basic education and are illiterate. ESETA … Read more

Transport education a must do for SA

There is low level of education in the transport sector and it has been necessary to establish a SETA to assist in improving the skills and training of transport employees. The Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) in conjunction with Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) aims to provide basic education to illiterate or low … Read more

Education and services sector

The services industry in South Africa is always criticised for the low level of service that they offer. It is imperative that employees in this sector receive training and development to improve these service levels to meet with international standards. The Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) programme is aimed at providing basic as well … Read more

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