The chance of a better life

You can offer your employees the chance to a better education through the Rapid Effective Accelerated Life Long Learning (REALL) courses. The course offers various levels of education to adults who have not had the benefit of an education and are either entirely illiterate or semi-literate. Over and above the literacy and English communication techniques … Read more

ABET literacy training for adults

The ABET literacy training for adults have four levels. Starting at NQF1 and ending at NQF4 the ABET literacy training has as aim the provision of education to empower people to gain knowledge, understanding and valuable literacy skills in the specific language. There is a difference in ABET literacy training for adults and school education. … Read more

Why teach English to adults in the workplace?

It is wrong to assume that all South Africans have mastered the language of English. The opposite is true. Many thousands of South African workers cannot speak English or can do so only basically. They cannot read or write in the language, not even to write about written communication fit for business communication. With English … Read more

English classes for adults in the workplace

Triple e provides well structured English classes for adults in the workplace. Every class is structured to meet the specific learning needs of the attendees and upon completion of the specific levels the attendees will do either an assessment or a POE. Once they have passed the level they receive their NQF for that level. … Read more

Adult learning problems and what to do about it

One of the most prevalent adult learning problems is that of fear of failure. People fear the unknown and for many adults it will be their first encounter with formal education. Others fear the classroom setup and humiliation that may go with it because of their previous learning experiences. Others fear failure. They have failed … Read more

Basic Education of Adults

The basic education of Adults is a priority in this country. We cannot wait until a new generation comes into the workplace with all the required skills. In fact many learners come out of the school system unable to read, write or calculate. The first big boost for basic education of adults came in 2000 … Read more

Importance of Math literacy in the workplace

Even though many of the employees may be able to do simple counting, subtraction, division, and multiplication, more advance Math literacy may be required in the workplace. The employees need to attend a course which will provide them with Math literacy skills for the workplace. This may include the ability to apply their Math literacy … Read more

Life skills learning as important as literacy

Although our focus is on adult literacy and numeracy we recognize the importance of life skills learning programs. As the society develops and becomes more complex, the focus also changes to become information orientated. As such people need more life skills to be able to survive in the digitized society. Life skills learning will also … Read more