African language courses

Once the manager or supervisor understands the language of the workers and is able to effectively communicate in their language, fewer mistakes and misunderstanding follow. Triple e also provides African language courses to help managers communicate in Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, and Xhosa. A Xhosa manager for instance, will have difficulty to build trust, establish good … Read more

African language courses for beginners

Although online and CD based training exist to help people learn foreign languages, few people have the time, discipline, and will to complete the self study training. Triple-e provides African language courses for beginners at the client’s premises and at scheduled times that suit the client company and its employees. The short African language courses … Read more

African language courses

Triple e not only provides literacy and numeracy courses, we also provide basic conversational skills training which includes African language courses. English and Afrikaans speakers often struggle to communicate with their colleagues and workers because of the language gap. Our African language courses include Zulu, South and North Sotho, as well as Tswana and Xhosa. … Read more