Business Processes Course

You must understand the processes of a business to understand how it operates and generates profits. A business processes course will give you all the information on how a business is run from operations to sales and marketing. It will help you understand the importance of the various departments within a company and their function … Read more

Business Finance Course

There are various ways in which you can study a business finance course. You can enrol in a business school or other education institution where you will have to attend lectures and receive instruction from a teacher, professor or other professional. For those people who work and cannot attend lectures during the day, a night … Read more

How to Manage Basic Business Finance

You can ensure that your employees know the importance of how to manage basic business finance within your company. A staff member, who is aware that every phone call or pencil they use affects the bottom line of your business which in turn affects them, will be more efficient in the handling of your company’s … Read more

How to Apply Business Concepts

Sending your employees on a business course will allow them to better apply business concepts in their work. It is important for them to realise that they are a cog in the machine that is your company and that without the function that the cog provides, the machine will break down. They will also realise … Read more

Keeping up the good work

Big business in South Africa has committed itself to the principles of adult basic education and training. This commitment has had a concrete effect with many adults who had been denied a quality education under the Apartheid system now having at least a basic working knowledge of both the written word and mathematics. These basic … Read more


If South Africa is to take its place in the family of nations and contribute on a global scale to the elimination of poverty, as well as address the social and economic needs of its own citizens then it quite simply must address the problem of illiteracy in this country. One of the most important … Read more

The kinder face of business

Business has a reputation for putting profit above all else, however in South Africa business has shown a commitment to changing this reputation through concrete actions. Business, in close cooperation with government has been aggressively rolling out ABET programmes that are making a real difference to people’s lives in communities across the land. By reducing … Read more

ABET and big business

Businesses across South Africa are finding out that ABET programmes do not just correct the injustices of the past apartheif educational system but in fact bring tangible business benefits. Studies have shown that ABET programmes increase productivity through higher staff morale. It has also been demonstrated that when an ABET programme is set up by … Read more

Training is key

Education is enshrined in the South African constitution as a basic human right. Unfortunately this was not always so. Under the Apartheid educational system only a select few were provided a world class education and even this was skewed by the propaganda requirements of the government. However those who were not amongst the privileged few … Read more

An educated workforce is a must

The role of Adult Basic Education and training in changing the economic destiny of South Africa should not be underestimated. As South Africa’s natural commodities grow scarcer and as the job of simply getting them out of the Earth becomes more costly and dangerous so the economic emphasis must change to one of a knowledge … Read more

Changing Lives Together