Training In Communication For Your Employees

In order for your business to be successful it is necessary for you as well as your staff members to be able to communicate effectively. Effective communication is not just about communicating well with clients and business partners but internal communication as well. Every employee must be made aware of the internal policies and procedures … Read more

The Benefits Of A Communication Qualification

You can receive a basic communication qualification by enrolling yourself in an ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) short course. These courses are designed to assist South Africans in greeting each other and understanding the basics of the eleven official languages. This will allow learners to be able to enter into business relationships with companies … Read more

Communication training

We provide the ABET communication training at the workplace and at specific venues around the country. What does the communication training entail? Four levels of communication training are provided. The first level is a bridging phase where the learner is taught the basics of for instance, identifying the letters of the alphabet and learn to … Read more