English Adult Classes from Basic to Boardroom

Research with rising users of English proves what common sense always suggested – When students learn English “in a meaningful context,” they learn more quickly and they retain what they learn. English adult classes, which develop students reading and writing skills in the context of their everyday work, show far greater growth and retention than … Read more

Learn Zulu through our training programs

Many misunderstandings occur in the workplace and in society because of communication gaps. If the majority of your workers are Zulu speaking, then you will benefit from enrolling your managers and workers in one of our courses to learn Zulu. Their ability to understand and speak the language will first be assessed to ensure that … Read more

Why let your employees learn English?

If your employees are struggling to communicate in the business world because they lack English communication skills then it may be time to let them learn English. English is the language used in restaurants, high level negotiations, customer service, tourism, communication with international companies and most often also the workplace. Employees struggling with the language … Read more

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