South Africa needs ABET

The contributions of Adult Basic Education and Training in South Africa cannot be emphasized enough. The decades of Apartheid has left the majority of adult South Africans with little or no education and no hope of reaching their full potential. Until the advent of Adult Basic Education programs these South African’s were destined to be … Read more

Adult Basic Education

The success of all adult basic education depends, first, on instructors’ respect for students’ dignity. Disadvantaged students, who risk enrollment in adult basic education, often associate classrooms with intimidation, alienation, and humiliation. Adult basic education instructors must help their students feel safe, because learning involves risk, mistakes, trial and error, and constant practice—none of which … Read more

Teaching Adults

As in all the helping professions, the finest educators feel a calling to their work. Certainly, no one ever would do it for the money. The best teachers feel called to teaching and their consciences drive them to teach with all their hearts, minds, and spirits. Teaching provides a special joy other educators seldom share. … Read more

Changing Lives Together