Learn English for the workplace

Help your workers to learn English for the workplace by enrolling them in the Basic English courses presented through Triple e. We provide the courses to help attendees learn English for the workplace entailing oral and written communication. The ABET courses are presented at the premises of the employer at a pre-arranged time schedule that … Read more

Learn English Writing

When two equally intelligent, experienced, reliable employees compete for the same position, gaining power, reputation, and a higher salary, the one who has taken initiative to learn English writing probably will win the promotion. Many business leaders readily admit that originality and initiative help workers advance, but the ability to express ideas clearly in English … Read more

Why let your employees learn English?

If your employees are struggling to communicate in the business world because they lack English communication skills then it may be time to let them learn English. English is the language used in restaurants, high level negotiations, customer service, tourism, communication with international companies and most often also the workplace. Employees struggling with the language … Read more

Factors affecting adults learning English

There are numerous factors that affect adults learning English. The first factor is that of native tongue. Some languages are related to English and others not at all. The native tongue will thus determine how easy the comprehension of the English language will be. It is for this reason that we have assessments to determine … Read more