Improve your cultural understanding and learn Zulu

To assist the growth and development of your company within the business community in South Africa it may be necessary for you and your employees to learn to speak and write in one or more of the 11 official languages. Communication courses can help you develop skills from basic greeting to writing and understanding the … Read more

Cutom materials development and the learner

Custom materials development are one of the key focus areas of the Adult Basic Education and Training programme rolled out by government to address the issue of the high illiteracy rate amongst adults in South Africa. The materials have been created to provide education in all 11 official languages and with the assistance of linguists … Read more

The importance of ABET

ABET stands for Adult Basic Education and Training and is aimed at providing uneducated South Africans with the skills necessary to enhance their quality of life. ABET learning begins at the grade 1 level and continues through to grade 12 with matric certification at the end of the course. The course is accelerated but is … Read more

Basic viewing skills at the foundation of all learning

The Adult Basic Education and Training programme teaches a learner basic reading, writing and maths skills. Basic viewing skills are also a part of the course and refer to a learners’ ability to interpret the written word as well as images and respond to them. The written word or images can come in a variety … Read more

How to Apply Business Concepts

Sending your employees on a business course will allow them to better apply business concepts in their work. It is important for them to realise that they are a cog in the machine that is your company and that without the function that the cog provides, the machine will break down. They will also realise … Read more

Let us learn

The Kha Ri Gude (Let US Learn) mass literacy campaign was officially launched in February of 2008. The campaign is aimed at providing the illiterate population of South Africa with basic literacy skills on a mass basis to eliminate the enormous illiteracy problem in South Africa. Although the plan is mainly aimed at rural and … Read more

Opportunity knocks

You can offer your workforce the opportunity to further their education by sending them on accelerated learning course such as Adult Basic Education and Training programme. Make sure that the company you choose to facilitate the training can assess the individuals who require the training as well as the needs of your company correctly. A … Read more

Adult learning problems and what to do about it

One of the most prevalent adult learning problems is that of fear of failure. People fear the unknown and for many adults it will be their first encounter with formal education. Others fear the classroom setup and humiliation that may go with it because of their previous learning experiences. Others fear failure. They have failed … Read more

What affects the ability to learn English?

Not everyone can learn English quickly. Certain factors should be taken into consideration when setting up programs to help people learn English. We consider that native language of the learner. Since some languages are closer to the roots of English than others, we also assess the native language of the learner. Apart from that, you … Read more

Adult mathematics classes

The Triple e adult mathematics classes are well accepted and loved by course attendees because we have unique way of presenting knowledge which makes the subject understandable, fun, and applicable to the workplace. Our adult mathematics classes are presented on the level of the attendee and as such pre assessments are done to ensure that … Read more

Changing Lives Together