Empower people through math training

The world faces an economic crisis and South Africa is not isolated from it. As such we need to empower people through math training. The math training will help the workers to get better qualifications, helping them to find other work should retrenchments follow. Apart from pro-actively taking care of the future for your workforce, … Read more

Every Profession Demands Advanced Math Skills

No profession or academic discipline can develop and thrive without mathematics. Not even sophisticated study of literature and philosophy can advance without advanced math skills. Creating a Shakespearean sonnet, a poet embeds mathematical formulae in language, developing cadence, rhythm and meaning. Logical reasoning, the backbone of philosophy, derives from principles of geometric proof. Similarly, the … Read more

Learn Numeracy Skills

The conventional wisdom equates “literacy” with fundamentals of reading and writing, and it equates “numeracy” with basics of mathematics. Literacy, however, advances well beyond the basics to public speaking and conversation, figuration, and sophisticated inference. When adults learn numeracy skills, they similarly move well beyond the basics, developing sophisticated skills that help them advance in … Read more

Math Training Essential to Workplace Advancement

Without adequate math training, workers cannot advance. In order to take on more responsibility for production, sales, customer service, or operations, every employee in every business must take initiative to get proper math training. The basics of arithmetic lay the foundations for more advanced problem-solving and most effective math training begins with comprehensive review of … Read more

Importance of Math literacy in the workplace

Even though many of the employees may be able to do simple counting, subtraction, division, and multiplication, more advance Math literacy may be required in the workplace. The employees need to attend a course which will provide them with Math literacy skills for the workplace. This may include the ability to apply their Math literacy … Read more

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