Project management training programs for IT personnel

If you run an IT development company you will agree that many of the IT specialists, developers, and programmers are already highly skilled in their technical fields. The problem is no longer to find people technically skilled enough, but to also find people that have project management skills as well. If a program, website development, … Read more

Project Management Skills Pull Subject Areas Together

Project management skills challenge students’ command of language and math. Developing their ability to forecast and manage resources, time, and money, students frequently must translate words to numbers and numbers to words. All the separate project management skills are inter-related, and all of them build on students’ ability to see patterns and trends, solve for … Read more

Project management training

One of the life skills training courses which will benefit any employee dealing with projects is that of project management training as provided by Triple–e. Project management skills are in demand and will continue to be so for many years to come. Ongoing education is important and as such being able to meet deadlines, budget … Read more