How to improve reading

Although it is imperative to provide a means of educating illiterate people in South Africa, it is also important to improve reading skills. A higher level of reading and understanding literacy materials is necessary for individuals to access further development and higher learning facilities. Further education and training facilities will not accept learners or students … Read more

Learners need basic reading skills

Government, in conjunction with the department of education, SETA’s and other educational institutions is continually rolling out projects and programmes to improve the high rate of illiteracy on South Africa. The projects are mainly aimed at the adult population group who do not have the most basic reading skills. This is largely due to the … Read more

Learn to Read

South Africa has one of the best human rights constitutions in the world. One of the statutes is that each and every South African has the right to receive an education. There are however many rural communities and sections of the population group who do not have access to a school or other education facility. … Read more

Adult Reading Classes

Can you imagine going through life not being able to read at all. Being able to read books helps you access your imagination and dream. Your imagination can help you envision a future that may otherwise have been impossible. Having dreams of a better future can help you set goals and find ways in which … Read more

Develop Reading Skills

It is taken for granted in society that most people are able to read and write. The truth is that millions of South Africans do not have even basic reading or writing skills. There are also a great number of people who need to develop reading skills as well as writing. Functioning in today’s world … Read more

Reading Skills are a Vital Life Skill

It is next to impossible to function in any area of modern society without reading skills. There are however many people who do not possess these skills and must struggle to earn money, support their families and just try to get by in life. In fact, access to education is now defined as a basic … Read more

Reading is vital

Just imagine for a moment not being able to read. Our entire society is based on the premise that each and every person will receive an education and will be able to read and write. We live in a fast paced technological world where there is little to no place for a person who is … Read more

The three R’s

If you cannot read or write your ambitions simply cannot be realised. In a world that is changing to one where information is the currency that will allow people to reach their true potential. Someone who is illiterate is denied access to the information available in today’s knowledge rich environment and has to allow others … Read more

Without an education…

An education is something that no one can ever take away from you. Once you have learned the rudiments of reading and writing the world is your oyster, with the basics you can read further, improving your education. You can achieve almost anything you desire once you have the mental tools at your disposal. Unfortunately … Read more

Getting the basics right

Adult Basic Education and Training is changing the face of South African society by replacing ignorance with knowledge. This is important not only because of its ramifications for business but also in its knock on effects for the wider society. An educated populace is much more likely to actively engage in nation building and much … Read more

Changing Lives Together