Adult mathematics classes

The Triple e adult mathematics classes are well accepted and loved by course attendees because we have unique way of presenting knowledge which makes the subject understandable, fun, and applicable to the workplace. Our adult mathematics classes are presented on the level of the attendee and as such pre assessments are done to ensure that … Read more

Learning African languages the easy way

When you think about learning African languages, you may already feel it not possible because of previous experiences at school. Triple e however, makes learning African languages easy not only for you, but all your employees as well. To ensure that English or Afrikaans speaking employees can understand and communicate with their colleagues speaking Zulu, … Read more

Adult School Education: Propelling South Africa into the World Market

When South Africa implemented the National Qualifying Framework, it sent a powerful message to the nation’s workers, and it sent an equally strong message to the world community. Making a significant commitment to a program of adult school education, South Africa honored its workers’ long-standing demand to receive the skills and tools which support workplace … Read more

Changing Lives Together