Why take mathematical classes?

Mathematical classes are not the most favourite amongst learners and students at education institutions. However, most of us take it for granted that we are able to count and perform basic calculations without the use of a calculator. We need these skills to fulfil certain simple tasks in society such as purchasing items. Some people … Read more

Financial and Accounting training to improve skills levels

Due to the nature of the financial and accounting sector, less than 3% of the workforce does not have basic education. It is however important to improve this figure and provide basic education and training to these employees. FASSET, the Sector Education and Training Authority for the financial and accounting sector, encourages employers to implement … Read more

Basic viewing skills at the foundation of all learning

The Adult Basic Education and Training programme teaches a learner basic reading, writing and maths skills. Basic viewing skills are also a part of the course and refer to a learners’ ability to interpret the written word as well as images and respond to them. The written word or images can come in a variety … Read more

Learn to Speak

You may not see the necessity for an adult person to learn to speak. Most of us learn to speak in the first years of our lives simply by copying our parents. However, if your parents are not using language in the correct way, you cannot learn to speak correctly. The next step to learning … Read more

Learn Basic Communication Skills

When you learn basic communication skills you will also gain a range of other benefits. To begin with, greeting a person in the correct manner is very important. This means that you need to have an understanding of both their language and their culture. You will learn etiquette and what is considered good manners. Learning … Read more

Teaching Basic English

You don’t have to be a philanthropist and donate money to assist in educating the South African nation. If you are an educated person, you can help by passing on your skills to illiterate people by teaching Basic English. English is the common language that we use to enable us to better communicate in various … Read more

Develop Reading Skills

It is taken for granted in society that most people are able to read and write. The truth is that millions of South Africans do not have even basic reading or writing skills. There are also a great number of people who need to develop reading skills as well as writing. Functioning in today’s world … Read more

Basic Writing Skills are a Must

Can you imagine going through life without possessing basic writing skills? To be able to access even the simplest institutions of modern society, we need to be able to at least write our names. Yet there are millions of South Africans who are unable to perform even this simple task due to a lack of … Read more

ABET providers upskilling the nation

Due to the legacy of Apartheid many South Africans do not have an adequate education. During the Apartheid years it was government policy to provide black learners with an inferior education in order to prevent them from competing for the same jobs held by white people. Today ABET providers are closing the skills gap that … Read more

ABET literacy training for adults

The ABET literacy training for adults have four levels. Starting at NQF1 and ending at NQF4 the ABET literacy training has as aim the provision of education to empower people to gain knowledge, understanding and valuable literacy skills in the specific language. There is a difference in ABET literacy training for adults and school education. … Read more

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