Rural poor an ABET challenge

The challenge of providing Adult Basic Education programs in the rural parts of South Africa should not be underestimated. Bad roads and lack of infrastructure can cause even the most dedicated educator to lose hope. However the commitment of government and business has seen Adult Basic Education programs roll out in even the most remote … Read more

South Africans Must Learn to Read

Even as South Africa has become more sensitive to the value of cultural diversity, the importance of English language literacy has increased. More than ever, experts emphasize in order to participate in South African culture and commerce, people must learn to read. As in all post modern industrialized nations, television has become the primary tool … Read more

Learn English Writing

When two equally intelligent, experienced, reliable employees compete for the same position, gaining power, reputation, and a higher salary, the one who has taken initiative to learn English writing probably will win the promotion. Many business leaders readily admit that originality and initiative help workers advance, but the ability to express ideas clearly in English … Read more

Business English: Critical Tool for Workplace Advancement

Speakers of the ten official South African languages other than English compete at a disadvantage in the workplace because English remains South Africa’s language of power. Learning business English levels the playing field for South African workers who want to advance up the corporate ladder to supervisor and management positions. Neither as complicated nor as … Read more

Education Gap Threatens South African Progress

In most industrialized nations, divisions among social classes show not only in wide disparities between incomes, but also in significant differences between levels of education. And, in most industrialized nations, increases in educational achievement yield gains in income and social standing. In South Africa, an education gap threatens the nation’s bold experiment in multi-cultural democracy. … Read more

Educators and Public Health Officials Must Promote AIDS Awareness

Among South African adults, the rate of HIV cases advancing to AIDS has stabilized since 2005; among young adults, the rate actually has declined as AIDS clinics dramatically have increased access to effective treatments. Although public health officials recognize a few encouraging signs; nonetheless, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to ravage South Africa and all of … Read more

Changing Lives Together