You Need to Manage Time Efficiently

Perhaps one of the most important things that you can learn in business is how to manage time efficiently. Time is of the essence, and once a minute has passed it can never be regained or done over. This means that it is important that every task that your employees must be done as quickly … Read more

On what level is the time management training provided?

The time management training is a Level 3 course aimed at providing managers, clerks and supervisors the skills to effectively manage their time, workload, and priorities. The time management course addresses areas such as easing the load through effective task delegation, how to create task lists, how to minimize time wastage, how to do job … Read more

Time Management Course

Effective usage of time means profits, promotion, and general success. Both on personal and company level time wastage will lead to losses. As such attending the Triple e Time Management Course aimed at supervisors and managers, will help you to identify areas for improvement. Goal setting, strategy planning, and effective implementation of principles learned through … Read more