Proven Training In Communication Skills

You can provide training in communication skills to under skilled individuals in the workplace by volunteering your services to the Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) initiative. This initiative aims to provide skills to the millions of uneducated adult South Africans and relies mainly on volunteers to act as facilitators in the learning process. ABET … Read more

What Are Communication Key Skills?

Communication key skills are the components that allow you to effectively communicate with others to maximise the level of understanding between people. Communication is not just about the language that you use but about body language and an understanding of the culture underlying the language. You can learn how to greet in all 11 of … Read more

Training In Communication For Your Employees

In order for your business to be successful it is necessary for you as well as your staff members to be able to communicate effectively. Effective communication is not just about communicating well with clients and business partners but internal communication as well. Every employee must be made aware of the internal policies and procedures … Read more