Basic Writing Course

A basic writing course will not give you the skills to become a writer overnight. It is aimed at people who have little to no literacy skills to enable them to learn to read and write. A basic writing course will teach an individual everything about writing from holding a pen correctly to forming the … Read more

Basic English Course

Taking a Basic English course can open a whole new world to you. The ability to read and write in English will enable you to further you education in other ways. Most education institutions teach in English and have work books and study materials that are written in English. The more education you have and … Read more

Why teach English to adults in the workplace?

It is wrong to assume that all South Africans have mastered the language of English. The opposite is true. Many thousands of South African workers cannot speak English or can do so only basically. They cannot read or write in the language, not even to write about written communication fit for business communication. With English … Read more

Basic writing training

A police officer, clerk, domestic worker, construction worker, and health worker will need to be able to write. Unfortunately many people have not finished school or even attended school at all. Others have done so, but still have not gained writing skills to communicate effectively. Triple e provides ABET basic writing training on NQF levels … Read more

Master Everyday English in Basic English Adult Classes

Because students readily learn to read and write when they have opportunities to use their new language skills in their work, basic adult English classes focus first on conversational workplace conversations. Working with corporate associates, professional educators and trainers who specialize in Basic English adult classes, develop curriculum according to everyday situations in the job … Read more

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