Learning African languages the easy way

When you think about learning African languages, you may already feel it not possible because of previous experiences at school. Triple e however, makes learning African languages easy not only for you, but all your employees as well. To ensure that English or Afrikaans speaking employees can understand and communicate with their colleagues speaking Zulu, … Read more

Benefits of learning to speak an African language

Even if you are not in a management position, but a small business owner or an employee you will benefit from learning to speak an African language. The first benefit of learning to speak an African language is that you will be able to communicate with a larger segment of the population and with your … Read more

African language courses

Once the manager or supervisor understands the language of the workers and is able to effectively communicate in their language, fewer mistakes and misunderstanding follow. Triple e also provides African language courses to help managers communicate in Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, and Xhosa. A Xhosa manager for instance, will have difficulty to build trust, establish good … Read more

Learning Xhosa Boosts Morale and Productivity

One of the things that frustrate a manager is the communication problems with the workplace. Even if we all agree that English ought to remain the South African language of business and professional conversation; nonetheless, the facts of everyday life say that managers must learn Xhosa. Workers understand the authority vested in a manager’s title, … Read more

Changing Lives Together