What is one of biggest obstacles for adult learners?

Studies have shown that students who out of their own accord enrol in further education or adult basic training are often more motivated than others and know why they are doing the courses. Since they have goals they are more likely to succeed. Fear is seen as one of the biggest obstacles for adult learners. People with no prior learning experience or perhaps a bad experience as child regarding learning will fear the notion of having to step into a classroom. Overcoming the fear is not that easy, but at Triple e we help adult learners to quickly overcome their fear whether it is a fear of failure or humiliation, they soon realize that we meet them at their level. Our fantastic pass rate is enough evidence, but we do more than that. We create an environment where the adult learners are comfortable and ensure that we help them to succeed. Build worker confidence or build your own confidence by attending one of our programs for adult learners.
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