What sets our adult learning programs apart from the rest?

Our adult learning programs are a notch above the rest because we tackle obstacles to adult learning head on. We for instance, schedule the adult learning programs at the workplace, making it possible for the workers to attend without having to take additional transport to get to the place of learning. We also schedule the … Read more

Motivation and Determination Inspire Adult Learning

Children attend school because they must. Adults return to school because they choose to learn and grow. The difference between force and choice makes a critical difference in students’ motivation and success. Knowing education will contribute to their advancement at work and in the community, adult students dedicate full attention and strict self-discipline to their … Read more

Learning as an Adult: Students Learn How to Learn

Adult students quickly learn the “real” value of continuing education. Of course, school provides them with factual knowledge they might not otherwise acquire, but adults tend to forget most of the facts they master in school. The “real” value of education comes from learning how to learn – thus through courses for learning as an … Read more

Three levels of adult learning which are essential for today’s work environment

The Triple E adult learning programs are focused on addressing the following levels of adult learning which are essential for functioning in the modern day work environment: Literacy (reading and writing) Numeracy (mathematical skills) Problem solving The first level of adult learning is focused on conversational skills, the ability to read, understand and apply knowledge … Read more

Success with adult learning classes

Triple e has tremendous success with adult learning classes and the reason for this is that we address issues that many other programs ignore. We take specific factors into consideration when preparing the adult learning classes. As such our adult learning classes are based on specific principles to promote success: • Link goals of the … Read more

What is one of biggest obstacles for adult learners?

Studies have shown that students who out of their own accord enrol in further education or adult basic training are often more motivated than others and know why they are doing the courses. Since they have goals they are more likely to succeed. Fear is seen as one of the biggest obstacles for adult learners. … Read more

Basic differences between child and adult learning

There are a few differences between child and adult learning that necessitate the usage of a different approach when teaching adults as opposed to children. Studies have shown that adults often lack self-esteem when it comes to adult learning. People with no prior schooling suffer the most from a lack of self esteem and fear … Read more

Cost to company for Adult Education Classes

The cost to company for Adult Education Classes vary according the number of employees attending, the levels provided, the location, duration, and also how much the company will pay the employees for attending the Adult Education Classes. The question whether the employee should pay for the Adult Education Classes or whether the company should depends … Read more

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